Canine Grooming

​Feline Grooming

Coat Color and Pet Art

Available by request and must be booked accordingly. Please indicate you would like this service at the time of booking. Subject to availability.

*Please note all products used are not permanent and are non-toxic and 100% safe for pets.

Pricing Varies

Face, Feet or Sanitary Trim

Includes a face, feet and/or sanitary trim only.

Please note: A bath is not included in this service. 

Face, Feet and Sanitary Trim $20.00
Face only-$10.00
Feet only $5.00
Sanitary only (rear and groin) $5.00
Please note: Prices may vary depending on  breed, size, coat condition and pet behavior and all prices indicated below are starting prices only.

Internal Gland Expression

Most Groomers are trained only to do an external gland expression which may not always ensure a complete expression. This may create an irritation for some dogs, especially those with chronic gland issues. For dogs with chronic troubles we recommend an Internal Expression completed only by our Animal Health Tech. An internal expression ensures a complete expression. Internal expressions may also help to identify the need for veterinary attention for dogs with blocked glands or more serious conditions. When are a possible concern is identified, an expression will not be performed, you will be referred to a veterinarian for assessment. 

Please note: Dogs who require an internal expression can only be booked on certain days, please ensure you discuss the need for this service at the time of booking. 

For dogs without evident gland troubles, we recommend leaving them alone entirely, until the first signs of symptoms exist.

Add-on $10.00

Gland Expressions

​Gland expressions can be done externally or internally. Please note: If your pet has chronic gland issues we recommend an internal expression done by our Animal Health Tech or your regular Veterinarian

Please call ahead to book an appointment. Internal gland expressions subject to availability of our AHT.

External- $10.00
Internal- $15.00

Oral Care

Teeth brushing and an application of an oral care spray!

*Please call ahead to book an appointment

Nail Trims      

Nail Trims can be completed with conventional nail trimmers, a dremmel or for exceptionally long nails, a combination of both.

Please note: Dremmel only is not suited to pets with very long nails, a nail trim with dremmel is recommended. 

Walk-ins welcome!

Regular With Dremmel (Nail Grinding)-$18.00
Dremmel only- $16.00

Services available without Grooming​

Self-Serve Pet Wash

Wash and dry your pet in the privacy of your own room with all the supplies needed!

Includes an apron to keep you dry, shampoo, conditioner, towels, dryer and an after bath spritz!

Best of all we do the clean up for you!

Please call ahead to check availability.


Oral Care

Includes a tooth brush, tooth brushing and an application of a 100% natural oral care spray to help reduce odor and oral bacteria.


Please note: A new tooth brush will be used on every visit and will be sent home with each pet following their groom! Now brushing can be continued at home!

 Add-on $12.00 (toothbrush included)

Oral care spray and water additives designed to help reduce odor and assist with the breakdown of plaque and tartar may be purchased at an additional price for regular use at home. 

Nail Grinding

Creates a slightly shorter and smoother finish than conventional nail trimming provides on its own. This option is a great choice for pets who have long, problematic nails, and clients who want to help reduce damage to hardwood floors.

Add-on $5.00

Additional (add-on) Services

Feline Bath & Tidy

Includes bath, dry, brush, nail trim, ear clean and if needed, trimming to clean up face, feet and rear-end.

DSH Starts at $50.00
DMH/DLH Starts at $55.00

Feline Full Groom

Includes bath, dry, brush, nail trim, ear clean, and a full body trim or lion shave. This service can also be completed without a bath.

Starts at $70.00 without bath
Starts at $80.00 with bath

​​​Feline De-matt

​Includes shaving of problems areas to remove matting that cannot be removed by brushing.

Please note: If your cats coat is matted throughout a feline full groom must be scheduled.

This service is to improve pet comfort only, a bath is not included in a

feline de-matt. 

Starts at $25.00

Canine Full Groom

Includes a bath, dry, brush/de-shed, nail trim, ear clean, ear pluck, external gland expression and clipping or hand-scissoring to a desired length from nose to tail.

Starts at $54

Canine Bath & Tidy

Includes a bath, dry, brush/de-shed, nail trim, ear clean, ear pluck, external gland expression and if needed; trimming on the face, feet, rear-end and groin. 

Please note: Bath & Tidy's do not include length taken off the body.

Starts at $35

Here at The Pooch and Pony we believe in providing you and your pet with the most positive, relaxed and stress free experience possible. Please view our list of services below. If you have any questions you may contact us via phone or pop in to the store with your pet for a complimentary grooming consultation and quote.